Noise Pollution Study


In May ECW launched the Outer Bay of Fundy Industrial Noise Study.





ECW has partnered with the University of New Brunswick to quantify the noise levels in the marine environment of the Outer Bay of Fundy. Under the guidance of accomplished marine mammal researcher Dr. Jack Terhune, ECW staff will use digital hydrophones to measure the amplitude and wavelength of noise in the marine environment between Saint John Harbour and Passamaquoddy Bay.

Noise pollution is a contaminant in marine ecosystems. It degrades habitat by masking the acoustic communications of many fish and marine mammals. A measure of noise pollution in the Outer Bay of Fundy is required to effectively manage the stresses on marine wildlife resulting from the increase in shipping traffic that will result from proposed new developments.

To date there has not been a study of the noise levels in this habitat. We are eager to conduct this landmark research in one of the planet’s most exceptional marine environments. It is our hope that our study will lead to the development of management strategies and industrial best practices. This work could not have been possible without the support of Environment Canada’s Gulf of Maine Initiative and New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund.